The immense sense of fulfillment that I have drawn from teaching has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my academic career. Interacting with the brightest and curious minds of the next generation, has helped me grow as a researcher and a person. Along the way, I have also played my part in helping the students engage with the world in a critical self-reflexive manner, nurture transdisciplinary thinking, and cherish oft forgotten ideals like social equity in public policy and administration.


Public Policy

  • Introduction to Policy Analysis (UG)
  • Introduction to Public Policy (UG)
  • Healthcare Policy, Politics & Law (Master)


  • Organization Theory (PhD)
  • Philosophy of Administrative Sciences (PhD)
  • Business Ethics & CSR (UG)

Social Change

  • Organizing for Social Change (UG)
  • Public Leadership (UG)
  • Understanding Self-Identity (MBA)

Selected Student Supervision

  • Exogenous Shocks and the Process of Organizational Sensemaking
  • Workplace Experiences of Transgender Community of Pakistan
  • Designing and Delivering Citizenship Education and Leadership in Middle Schools
  • A Field Experiment on Civic Education in Primary Schools
  • Factors Resulting in Brain Drain of Doctors in Pakistan
  • Documenting Administrative Burdens in Private Hospitals of Lahore
  • Analyzing the Food Distribution Activities of Rizq Foundation
  • Social Media Education in High Schools
  • Social Networks and Career Choice in High Schools

Teaching Cases

  • Nisar, M. A. & Rana, M. A. (2018). Challenges of Public Sector Change Management: The Case of Medicine Provision in Public Hospitals in Punjab. Journal of Public Affairs Education. 25(2): 253-276
  • Nisar, M. A. & Rana, M. A. (2018). Revamping the Drug Testing System in Punjab: Public Management Challenges in a Multi-Level Governance Framework. Case Research Center, Lahore University of Management Sciences